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Sporočila za javnost WIPO

WIPO Press Releases

Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Sweden topped this year’s Global Innovation Index, while Sub-Saharan Africa posted significant regional improvement in the annual rankings published by Cornell University, INSEAD and the World Intellectual Property Organization.

WIPO Director General Francis Gurry today welcomed the ratification of the Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances by the People’s Republic of China during an official visit to Beijing at which the Director General also participated in the inauguration of the new WIPO China Office.

The World Intellectual Property Organization and a group of key partners are launching a new alliance to boost the number of books in accessible format for use by hundreds of millions of people around the globe who are blind, visually impaired, or otherwise print disabled, most of whom live in less-developed regions.

Zadnje novice EPO in EPU

News from the European Patent Office

Meeting in Santander, Spain, EPO President Benoît Battistelli and the Director General of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, Patricia García-Escudero Márquez, signed an agreement to promote the quality and efficiency of the Latin American patent system to the benefit of its users and of European industry in particular.

First published for the year 2012, the Social Report aims at creating a shared understanding of the current social situation at the EPO and of the challenges ahead.

"This is a strategic breakthrough for the patent system in Tunisia", said President Battistelli. "The agreement will simplify access to patent protection in Tunisia for European patent applicants and proprietors."

Zadnje novice Sveta EU – Konkurenčnost (notranji trg, industrija in raziskave)

Ta RSS-vir prikaže najnovejše dokumente v izbranem viru in jeziku. Če dokument še ni na voljo v izbranem jeziku, se bo samodejno prikazala angleška ali francoska različica.

Osnutek skupne izjave o skupni agendi o migracijah in mobilnosti med Zvezno republiko Nigerijo ter Evropsko unijo in njenimi državami članicami

UREDBA KOMISIJE (EU) št. …/… z dne XXX o odobritvi zdravstvene trditve na živilih, ki se nanaša na zmanjšanje tveganja za nastanek bolezni – odločitev o nenasprotovanju sprejetju

DELEGIRANA UREDBA KOMISIJE (EU) št. …/.. z dne 7. avgusta 2014 o spremembi Priloge I k Uredbi (EU) št. 649/2012 Evropskega parlamenta in Sveta o izvozu in uvozu nevarnih kemikalij

Zadnje novice IP Watch

Original news and analysis on international IP policy

At a recent meeting of the UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD), a Cuban expert offered a humorous – but at the same time serious – vision of global internet governance. Below are his remarks.

WIPO Lex is a publicly available online database under the World Intellectual Property Organization providing streamlined access to the intellectual property systems of almost 200 jurisdictions. The database now features over 12,000 legal texts, some 600 treaties and is operational in six languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish. Intellectual Property Watch takes a look at this resource.

A recent paper published by the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition criticises a joint study by the European patent and trademark offices as lacking insight about the economic effects of intellectual property.
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