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Sporočila za javnost WIPO

WIPO Press Releases

Worldwide demand for intellectual property (IP) tools reached record heights in 2017, with China driving the growth in filings for patents, trademarks, industrial designs and other IP rights that are at the heart of the global economy.

WIPO Director General Francis Gurry and Secretary to the Government of India, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Mr. Ramesh Abhishek today opened the 2018 WIPO Conference on the Global Digital Content Market, which is focused on promoting balance between creators and consumers of digital media in an increasingly worldwide economy for cultural products.

Hundreds of experts from across the globe are charting a course toward increased respect for intellectual property (IP) and a better understanding of how cooperation amplifies the role of IP in widespread development.

Zadnje novice EPO in EPU

News from the European Patent Office

The EPO has been honoured with the Corporate Art Award at an event held on 28 November in the European Parliament in Brussels in the context of the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

The EPO has held its first major conference on patenting blockchain. Attended by over 300 participants, the one-day event in The Hague yesterday explored the implications of blockchain for patent applicants and other stakeholders as the technology is applied to an ever-increasing variety of technical fields.

A delegation from the European Patent Office led by EPO President António Campinos participated to the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland organised in Warsaw this week.

Zadnje novice Sveta EU – Konkurenčnost (notranji trg, industrija in raziskave)

Ta RSS-vir prikaže najnovejše dokumente v izbranem viru in jeziku. Če dokument še ni na voljo v izbranem jeziku, se bo samodejno prikazala angleška ali francoska različica.

Osnutek UREDBE EVROPSKEGA PARLAMENTA IN SVETA o trgovini z določenim blagom, ki bi se lahko uporabilo za izvršitev smrtne kazni, mučenje ali drugo kruto, nečloveško ali poniževalno ravnanje ali kaznovanje (prva obravnava) – sprejetje zakonodajnega akta

DELEGIRANA UREDBA KOMISIJE (EU) …/... z dne 13.11.2018 o popravku Uredbe (EU) št. 63/2011 o določitvi podrobnih pravil za uporabo odstopanja od cilja za specifične emisije CO2 v skladu s členom 11 Uredbe (ES) št. 443/2009 Evropskega parlamenta in Sveta – namera o nenasprotovanju delegiranemu aktu

Osnutek UREDBE EVROPSKEGA PARLAMENTA IN SVETA o spremembi Uredbe (EU) št. 168/2013 v zvezi z uporabo standarda Euro 5 pri homologaciji dvo-ali trikolesnih vozil in štirikolesnikov (prva obravnava) – sprejetje zakonodajnega akta

Zadnje novice IP Watch

Original news and analysis on international IP policy

Dave Davis writes: As the many and well-deserved accolades for Stan Lee pour in on the occasion of his death after a career in content creation —mostly in writing— that spanned six decades, I thought now might be a suitable moment to add an additional perspective. I’m focusing on his success as someone who brought his creative expression to market, to the enjoyment of what eventually became an audience of millions. Stan Lee was many things, and among them, he was an outstandingly successful entrepreneur of intellectual property.

In 1925, New Mexico, which gained statehood in the United States in 1912, adopted a design for its flag featuring a sun symbol belonging to the Zia peoples. And according to the tribe, the symbol was secret and stolen from the Zia, who lost both ownership and control over it, and were left to contemplate the sun symbol being widely used and sometimes desecrated.

Global health experts, including senior officials at the World Health Organization, are calling for a global accountability mechanism for access to essential medicines, noting that a the lack of data on medicines affordability and national pharmaceutical expenditures has hindered this process, according a recent article published in UK medical journal The Lancet.
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