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Sporočila za javnost WIPO

WIPO Press Releases

Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, the USA and the UK are the world’s most-innovative countries, while a group of nations including India, Kenya, and Viet Nam are outperforming their development-level peers, according to the Global Innovation Index 2017 co-authored by Cornell University, INSEAD and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

WIPO Re:Search has launched a new five-year roadmap to guide its activities in the fight against neglected tropical diseases, malaria and tuberculosis.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres joined WIPO Director General Francis Gurry in celebrating World Intellectual Property Day 2017, with Mr. Guterres saying that WIPO is at the frontier of knowledge that will determine the future of the international community.

Zadnje novice EPO in EPU

News from the European Patent Office

The publication aims to raise awareness among SMEs of the importance of patents, and to help them use the experiences and good practices of the companies described in the case studies to support their own development and growth.

The Management and staff of the European Patent Office are deeply shocked and saddened by news of the horrific attack which took place in Barcelona on Thursday, 17 August 2017.

The EPO has published its Social Report 2016, which provides a comprehensive overview of staff and working conditions at the Office.

Zadnje novice Sveta EU – Konkurenčnost (notranji trg, industrija in raziskave)

Ta RSS-vir prikaže najnovejše dokumente v izbranem viru in jeziku. Če dokument še ni na voljo v izbranem jeziku, se bo samodejno prikazala angleška ali francoska različica.

Ocena učinka - okvirne smernice Indicative za predsednike delovnih skupin

Pregled sistema EU za trgovanje z emisijami osnutek sklepov Sveta

Osnutek sklepa Sveta o pooblastitvi Evropske komisije, da v imenu EU sodeluje v pogajanjih o mednarodni konvenciji Sveta Evrope za boj proti prirejanju športnih rezultatov razen glede zadev, povezanih s sodelovanjem v kazenskih zadevah in policijskim sodelovanjem – sprejetje

Zadnje novice IP Watch

Original news and analysis on international IP policy

In the World Trade Organization Market Access Committee today, a range of member countries raised concern over China's tariffs on semiconductors and India's duties on a range of information technology products. In addition, the European Union raised concern over uneven application of lower tariffs for geographically indicated wines, favouring local producers.

This week, eLife and Collaborative Knowledge Foundation announced a partnership "to build a user-driven, open-source submission and peer-review platform" aimed at improving on existing industry models.

NEW YORK -- The music community in the United States has a wide copyright agenda covering various business issues and stakeholders. While it had entertained the notion that a new President with its new administration and Congress would be more sympathetic to the complex needs of the industry, it is still waiting for the Trump administration to act on copyright issues, judging from comments made by various stakeholders in the legislative process during an industry panel in New York this week.
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