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Information services

SIPO provides a range of information services and also organises seminars and trainings.

SIPO provides a range of information services, such as:

  • standard information about Slovenian and foreign patents, trademarks and industrial designs
  • searches in SIPO databases
  • searches for similar or identical trademarks
  • expert opinions of foreign patent offices on novelty and inventive step
  • selective dissemination of information and trademark monitoring
  • preparation of portfolios of industrial property rights
  • preparation of formated databases
  • information on CD-ROMs
  • 1st information on IP – new information service
  • non-standard information services
  • SIPO's reading room
  • organisation of seminars and trainings

The services are given against the payment of charges stipulated in the price list for information and other services.

Searches in SIPO databases

Upon request, SIPO carries out searches on SIPO databases comprising data from registers of industrial property rights.

SIPO keeps four registers of rights, namely:

  • the register of patents,
  • the register of industrial designs,
  • the register of trademarks, and
  • the register of geographical indications.

This type of search includes also all applications and granted or registered rights valid in Slovenia on the basis of international treaties which Slovenia is party to, as well as European patents and Community trademarks and designs.

Searches for similar or identical trademarks

This type of search includes trademarks registered with SIPO, those valid in Slovenia on the basis of the Madrid Agreement and the Protocol, and Community trademarks.

Expert opinions of foreign patent offices on novelty and inventive step

On the basis of bilateral agreements, SIPO can supply opinions of the Austrian, German and Hungarian patent offices on novelty and inventive step of an invention. On the basis of such opinion, the owner of a Slovenian patent can request the issuance of a declaratory decision which is a precondition for a 20-year patent protection.

Selective dissemination of information and trademark monitoring

SIPO supplies clients biweekly with current information on new patents from the Epidos database and new published trademarks from trademark databases. A client chooses to be informed on either

  • a particular technical or other field, or
  • the current activity of competitors.

Preparation of portfolios

SIPO prepares for enterprises, independently or in cooperation with foreign industrial property offices, patent portfolios and industrial property rights portfolios. They include data on patent rights or all industrial property rights which have been, or are in the process of being, acquired. These data can be supplemented by legal statuses of rights, but only with respect to those countries which make such data available.

Information on CD-ROMs

SIPO disposes of various databases of patents, trademarks and industrial designs as well as industrial property literature on CD-ROMs. The majority of databases comprise facsimile images of patent documents.

Preparation of formated databases

Since the end of 2007, SIPO provides for its clients formated forms (XML) of data comprised in its registers of industrial property rights, which are accessible via SIPO data server.

1st information on IP

SIPO has begun offering a new service for innovative SMEs that do not yet make use of intellectual property or lack experience in this field. This customised service includes a diagnosis of the current state of the company’s IP, as well as recommendations for the protection thereof.

Non-standard information services

This type of service combines two or more of the above mentioned services. SIPO formulates a special agreement with a client on the form and manner of a service, or on how to meet a special request.

SIPO reading room

All documentation on rights granted in Slovenia is available for your perusal in the SIPO reading room, as well as various intellectual property classifications, laws, regulations and related literature.

A computer terminal connected to SIPO computer system is available free of charge for independent research through SIPO public databases.

Interested parties can order a copy of any official document that SIPO possesses.

Foreseen new services

Industrial property rights legal status searches

SIPO is preparing to carry out searches on validity of industrial property rights in EU Member States. For some of those states, this service is already feasible.

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