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Silent Revolutions, exhibition of contemporary design in Slovenia at WIPO

Organised by SIPO during 2015 WIPO GA

The exhibition “Silent Revolutions” is an exhibition of contemporary design in Slovenia. It presents a selection of contemporary design production in Slovenia, where more than 40 recent designs are set in a dialogue with historical objects. The exhibition does not only present products and designers, but also clients, producers and companies that affected their implementation. It illuminates innovative approaches, new development trends, unusual visions, a new design mentality and good strategic navigation in the constantly changing economic conditions. The selection encompasses products of large industries with their own trademarks as well as limited edition objects produced by the designers themselves. Some of the products set new, unparalleled standards worldwide with ground-breaking innovations they boldly put forward.

We are pleased that many registered designs by the Slovenian designers are on display in the prestigious world museum collections, but more so that they are also commercially successful and have a great applicable value. However, an adequate protection still presents a challenge to some Slovenian creative companies upon entering the global trading markets. It is therefore one of our major goals to continuously develop the supportive IP environment, with the national IP office as its hub, and to continue raising awareness about the importance of intellectual property. About the moral and material values of authorship as well as protection of creative and innovative solutions, the use of all the mechanisms and tools that a modern intellectual property system offers, including the fight against counterfeiting and piracy. The Slovenian IP Office is a valuable partner of the Slovenian economy for almost 25 years in raising the awareness of the importance of intellectual property. In preparing this exhibition at the premises of WIPO, who is the global guardian of intellectual property, we challenged the designers and companies to re-think the protection of their designs as well as other methods of IP protection.

The exhibition was prepared by the Slovenian IP Office in cooperation with the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Slovenia to the UN Office in Geneva (MGE) and the Slovenian Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO).

It will be on display at WIPO premises (AB building) from 7 to 22 October 2015. Visitors welcome!

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