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Rise of national patent, design and trademark applications

IPR statistics for 2010

In the past year, the number of national patent applications increased by 17% over the previous year (in comparison with 2008 even by 42%), the number of design applications by 70% and the number of trademark applications by 14%. The increase of IP applications might be partly attributed to financial and other measures taken by the government to promote innovation, as well as to the efforts of SIPO to rise the awareness of the importance of IP protection.sipo/office/about-us/announcements/

The statistical survey below comprises only applications filed with SIPO, omitting those that were filed for Slovenia under international treaties, as those data are not yet known.

In 2010, SIPO received a total of 465 national patent applications, of which 452 were filed by Slovenian residents and 13 by foreign applicants. It also received 76 PCT applications, 3 European patent applications, 1738 requests for entry of European patents into SIPO register, and 15 supplementary protection certificate applications.

The number of national trademark applications totaled 1885; 1563 were filed by Slovenian residents and 322 by foreign applicants. The majority of applications concerned pharmaceutical, veterinary and medical products, apparatuses and technical aids, and advertising and business management. Slovenian residents also filed through SIPO 264 applications for registration of trademarks abroad.

SIPO also received 107 national design applications, mostly for metal products and materials, and articles of clothing and footwear.

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