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AIPA - new Slovenian collecting organisation for audiovisual works

SIPO granted authorization

On 11 October 2010, SIPO issued authorisation to a new and the first Slovenian organisation for the collective management of copyright and related rights in audiovisual works. AIPA, which joins authors, performers and producers of audiovisual works, is the fifth Slovenian collecting organisation managing the rights of their members, collect remunerations in their names and distribute them among beneficiaries. Until now, SIPO has granted authorisations to ZAMP (copyright in literary, scientific and publicistic works and translations thereof), SAZAS (copyright in musical works), IPF (related right in performances and musical phonograms), and SAZOR GIZ (literary, scientific and publicistic works and translations thereof in the cases of reproduction or distribution of works for the benefit of people with a disability, reproduction of works for private and other internal use and their photocopying beyond the scope of Art. 50 of the Copyright and Related Rights Act).

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